Hello My Neighbor!


Welcome! Fellow Crusaders,

Welcome to this new Calvary Faith blog where a place for all Christians opinion, thought and believers in questioning and defending the ultimate truth in the Lord Jesus ordinance and path of God’s will foretold.

I believe that many of us in the walk with the Lord in our faith we were being face with many lies and adversaries comforting and darting our path to live up to God expectation. This blog serve to clear as far as possible through prayers, sharing and contributions we can able to enhance our Christian faith as we assemble and enhance fellowship in certain degree through spiritual acquaintance and testimony instills.

Building Christ’s faith is our ultimate goal and further strengthening in our biblical implication our declaration and spiritual warfare to perfect our nature and discipline where is accepted to our beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

I salute with much friendliness to those visiting my blog  and do feel at home to drop as many as comments in all area that related to Christianity faith and believe. Your sharing, contribution and participation is truly welcome.

God blessing and abundance to all visitors!


4 comments on “Hello My Neighbor!

  1. In That Respect there r surely a lot of details like that to take into consideration

  2. You guys must invest alot of time working on this blog. im impressed

  3. Thank you on your help!

  4. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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